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Last week, we showed you three preview pages from The Walking Dead #105 and promised a better look at the issue this week. We now have the official cover artwork and the first six pages from the upcoming issue.

The Walking Dead #105 will be available this Wednesday and we're hoping to have some early issue impressions for you before then. We weren't sure what to expect from Negan after Carl's sneak attack, but Robert Kirkman certainly surprised us with his reaction so far. We're waiting to see what Rick is going to do when he finds out his son has been captured and whether or not Carl takes a liking to his new surroundings.

If you want an idea of what to expect from this story arc, we have the cover art for the next few issues and it should give you an idea of where the plot is headed and who is still alive. Also, make sure to read our exclusive interviews with Robert Kirkman for an update on the comic book series, toys, and more:

Release Date: DECEMBER 12
32 PAGES / BW / M

“Sing me a song.”

  • i’ve been saving up the recent issues to read during the mid-season break. i will not look…(but i think it’s really cool you’ve done this!)

  • EfectoBlack

    Hi people! We are from Uruguay, and we love strongly The Walking Dead, and all about it. You can join us, and follow them, looking for information, fun, and curious thins of the show. Go, go, go. The Walking Dead!

  • EfectoBlack

    Sorry, I mean, curious things of the show!

Phantasm Boxset
Phantasm Boxset