Last week, we showed you preview pages from The Walking Dead #106 and promised a better look this week. We now have the official cover artwork and the first six pages from the upcoming issue.

The Walking Dead #106 will be available tomorrow and I wanted to provide some brief impressions, as I just finished reading the issue. I'm not going to go into major spoilers, but  as you can tell from the cover, Rick is aware that Carl has gone missing and sets out to find him. Since Something to Fear, much of the focus has been on Rick and Carl, but it was nice to see a number of pages in this issue dedicated to some of the minor characters that live in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Once again, Robert Kirkman makes you wish that you could read the next issue right away and it's going to feel like a long wait until #107 after you read the last page.

If you want an idea of what's to come, we have the cover art for the next few issues. Also, make sure to read our exclusive interviews with Robert Kirkman for an update on the comic book series direction, toys, and more:

The Walking Dead #106:

  • Story by: Robert Kirkman
  • Art By: Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn
  • Variant Cover by: Charlie Adlard
  • Price: $2.99
  • On Sale: January 09, 2013