Will Rick’s plans change after Negan’s visit to the Alexandria safe-zone? With Robert Kirkman’s big announcement last week, we know that events in the next few issues lead to All Out War. Find out how it all starts by checking out our new preview pages and my impressions.

It's always been known that Robert Kirkman plans out his story arcs ahead of time, but he recently revealed that he has everything mapped out years in advance and knows how he'd like to end the comic book series. When we're reading issue to issue, it's a bit difficult to see the big plan, but All Out War looks to significantly change what we come to expect from The Walking Dead.

With All Out War not starting until October, we're getting issues that are setting up the next part of the story. While the cover art would suggest something terrible is going to happen, this issue is more of a tease. There's a lot to like in this issue, but don't go into it expecting major conflicts to be resolved. In particular, I've really enjoyed watching Robert Kirkman play with reader expectations when it come to Negan. This is another issue where Robert Kirkman uses what we know of Negan from issue #100 to create tension. Some fans found issue #100 to be excessive, but don't you worry every time you see Lucielle or when Negan talks to a character you care about?

It seems like there's a lot more to explore with Negan and the Saviors, and I hope that Robert Kirkman gives us a better look at the people behind the different communities later this year. Until then, we're left with another tease and wishing that we could read the next issue right away.

More details on All Out War and the future of The Walking Dead comic book series will be available at Comic-Con next week and we’ll be covering the event live to bring you all of the latest news. Catch up on our coverage of the comic book series by visiting the following links:

“Carl and Andrea are faced with the unthinkable.”