Based on the cover art for The Walking Dead #111, we know that a certain character is out for blood and it appears to continue in The Walking Dead #112. The issue won't be out until July, but we have an early look at the cover art. *Spoiler Warning*

Based on what's taken place in the recent issues, we know that Rick is preparing for an attack against Negan and the Saviors, but we now know that Negan survives up to this point. Who has he killed and how are they going to stop him? We won't find out until July 10th.

If you want an idea of where the story is headed, take a look at the early cover art for The Walking Dead #110 and #110. We also recently posted the cover art and release details for Volume 18, for those that have been waiting to read the new issues until the latest volume was released. We want to thank for the early cover art. Check back later today for a 4-page preview from The Walking Dead #109 and catch up on our coverage of The Walking Dead comic book series by visiting the following links:

“Carl and Andrea are faced with the unthinkable.”