If you watched last night's episode of American Horror Story: Asylum and are ready for more, take a look at the synopsis and preview video for the next episode.

American Horror Story: Asylum- Episode 5: I Am Anne Frank, Part 2 (of 2): "Sister Jude employs a renowned Nazi Hunter to gather evidence against Arden. Kit makes a surprising confession. Bloody Face is unmasked." Directed by: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

Later this week, we should have a new clip and/or and episode 4 behind-the-scenes video. While some of these items have already been covered in recent episodes, here's a link to a previous article with Ryan Murphy talking about some of the asylum's mysteries and what we may see in upcoming episodes:  http://dailydead.com/ryan-murphy-teases-upcoming-episodes-of-american-horror-story-asylum/