***Updated: 1/11 @ 9:44 - Images removed at studio request***

We don't want to get into any spoilers before the jump, but we have behind-the-scenes mask photos from Prometheus that show a familiar looking creature design.

**Spoiler Warning** The photos below (courtesy of Cinemart) look very similar to the Space Jockey seen in Alien, but it doesn't seem to be the exact same design. Have modifications been made to make it seem more lifelike or is this a different creature entirely? Until Prometheus is released on June 8th, your guess is as good as ours.

Via Cinemart: "Now a similar design does feature in the trailer (at 00.35 seconds, and looks like the head of the Space Jockey seen in ALIEN) but the one here is smaller, human-sized and designed specifically for an actor to wear and described as the face design for ‘the alien’. There’s that mysterious humanoid figure in the trailer at 0.44 seconds but it’s not clear enough to tell what its face looks like."

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--Editor's Note: Images removed at studio request--

Source: Cinemart