Mulder and Scully are together once again, but this time as Minimates in their very own The X-Files line based off of the popular series. Also in this round-up: a look at the short film called Ghost Tour and Indiegogo details for The History of Metal and Horror documentary.

The X-Files Minimates: Press Release: "When it comes to unexplained phenomena, Diamond Select Toys knows their stuff – after all, they’ve been turning zombies, aliens, werewolves and vampires into top-notch toys and collectibles for over 15 years! Now, with the quintessential conspiracy theory show The X-Files returning to FOX this January for the first time since 2002, DST is preparing to delve into that mysterious world with Select action figures, Vinimates vinyl figures, and Minimates mini-figures!

Diamond Select will release products based on the fan-favorite TV series alongside items from the new 2016 event series. A two-pack of Minimates captures Mulder and Scully in their new looks, as fully poseable 2-inch mini-figures, and is currently available for pre-order through comic shops. Simultaneously, DST is offering a pair of 4-inch Vinimates – static vinyl figures sculpted in the Minimates-style – that capture them in their classic appearances. In the future, DST also will release a series of Minimates 4-packs based on the classic series.

On the action figure side, two 7-inch-scale action figures of Mulder and Scully will kick off The X-Files Select line. Initial figures will be based on the new series, but there are plans to expand into the classic series, as well.

“As a longtime fan of the show, I’m very excited to have finally been granted access to The X-Files,” said Diamond Select Toys President Chuck Terceira. “Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are one of the most widely referenced and recognized pairs in pop culture, and the new show has everyone talking about them again. Plus, we have nine seasons’ worth of supporting cast and creatures to play with in our line planning.”

Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles was founded in 1999 by sister company Diamond Comic Distributors to develop new and exciting products for collectors of all ages. Minimates mini-figures first appeared in 2002, and there are currently over 2,400 Minimates, spanning over 60 different licenses."



Ghost Tour: Press Release: "Hartford, CT - Mainframe Pictures is proud to release their new classic horror film, Ghost Tour. Principal photography took place in July at The Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, CT.

Plot Synopsis: November 30, 1973. After the final ghost tour at a museum with a legendary dark past, veteran docent Richard Sawyer experiences his first real encounter with the paranormal.

The Director: Ghost Tour is co-written and directed by Erik Bloomquist, a Connecticut-based actor and filmmaker and a Top 200 Director on the current season of HBO’s Project Greenlight. Erik’s most recent project, The Cobblestone Corridor is currently airing on ShortsHD TV, CPTV, and various VOD channels, as well as playing festivals across the country."

To learn more, visit the director's website at:




The History of Metal and Horror: "This documentary explores the history and ultimate merger of two of the most influential cultural phenomenon of our time, Heavy Metal and Horror. Various well-known metal music artists and horror film icons talk about their most intimate insights and connections to each respective genre, working out why metal and horror go hand-in-hand so well.

The documentary will also include a wraparound film which will serve to tie all the segments together. Various celebrity horror and metal icons will be sought after for key acting roles. Many interviews have already been conducted, and several more are in the works.

We are currently venturing for capital to cover future expenses and completion costs and are kicking things off with a $50,000 crowdfunding initiative through Through the campaign, various distribution options will be explored.

Check us out at for updates on this project."

To learn more, visit the film's Indiegogo campaign at:


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