The Conjuring 2 Plot Details?

2013/08/06 16:06:01 UTC

The-Conjuring-box-4With The Conjuring a resounding box office success, speculation has begun on the next case to featured in the sequel. It may not be official yet, but Lorraine Warren made mention of the case that's being considered during a recent event.

Some viewers believed that the film's conclusion slyly hinted that the sequel would focus on Ed and Lorraine Warren's most famous case in Amityville. However, according to a guest who attended a gathering at Lorraine Warren's house, Warren discussed the potential of a different case. The discussion dropped loose plot details which producing studios New Line may be considering:

via AICN: "The case file they’re looking at occurs in the late '70s and centers on two sisters in Enfield, England, who were allegedly possessed. Warren said she personally saw them levitate and even saw one of the sister dematerialize in front of her only to be found 20 minutes later stuffed into an oversized fuse box, contorted in such an unnatural way that they couldn't have replicated it if they tried. She also said that the demon spoke directly to her husband on many occasions. Warren cited this case as one of the most terrifying experiences of her career."

Work on the script will undoubtedly be happening as soon, but any plot outlines at this moment are just speculation because it is so early on in the process. As we reported previously, both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga signed on for a sequel when they were cast in the first movie. Catch up on our previous coverage of The Conjuring by visiting the following links:

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  • I always get nervous at the mention sequels, but I loved the first one so let’s see what they can do.