Two issues of The Walking Dead comic book series were released this month, so we wanted to remind everyone that issue #98 hit shelves today. We usually run preview pages before the release of the latest issue, but something significant happens and Image Comics didn't want story details to leak. For those that want to learn more or talk with those who have already read it, I've included some plot discussion and cover art.

The Walking Dead #98 is the second part of the new Something to Fear story arc and picks up right where the last episode left off. Based on the cover art and story arc title alone, it looks like Rick and the group are in for a rough stretch that may rival their encounter with The Governor.  From recent interviews we know to expect the death toll to rise between now and the end of issue #100. Instead of thinking about this in terms of who will die, I'm curious who will survive past issue #100 and where Robert Kirkman plans to take the story. Quite a bit of time has been spent with Rick trying to build up this new community. Will the group give up on their plans or are we going to get a better look at the network of communities?

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***Spoiler Warning: Don't read the comments section or the following text if you haven't read the latest issue. *** For those who read issue #98, where do you think the story is headed? What are your thoughts on the issue's major scene and are you upset that the character in question didn't go out with a bang? Who do you think will be left alive after this story arc is wrapped up?

There has been quite a bit of speculation about the possibility of Daryl turning up in The Walking Dead comic book series. Robert Kirkman even hinted at it at a recent convention appearance, but those who have read #98 know that the new character with a crossbow is named Dwight. Could he be the comic book's version of Daryl and eventually join the group? It seems unlikely given the events of this issue.

  • DerpDoo

    Weak! That’s all I have to say. Extremely boring and not worth the wait or hype.

  • suppperfllly

    so you think just cause the guy has a crossbow he is all of a sudden someone from a tv show charater now thats WEAK!

  • dailydead

    You missed the link I included within the article. Many fans thought it might be the case because Robert Kirkman was quoted as saying the following at this year’s Image Expo: 

    “I’ve definitely considered writing Daryl in to the comics. Norman is always pestering me about it. All I can say right now is that if you have been paying attention to the Internet we did just release a series of teasers called ‘Something to Fear’ for a new story arc that’s coming up and it’s a series of very threatening looking people with very specific weapons and one of them has a crossbow,”

    So either he was just teasing the audience or was misquoted at the event.

  • Shaun Curtis

    Cant believe they killed shane…