For the second part of The Walking Dead Season 4 interviews from Comic-Con, we have our round table session with Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun, and Scott Wilson. Lauren Cohan talks about Maggie stepping up, Steven Yeun keeps mum about a wedding for Glenn and Maggie, and Scott Wilson gives us an interesting explanation for why Hershel can walk in Season 4:

In the comic book series, Andrea is still alive. Rick really depends on her as his sharpshooter and I saw some of those traits in Maggie last season. Is that something that we see more of in Season 4? Is Maggie stepping up and does Rick rely on her more?

Lauren Cohan: Yes, and we do see a reliance from Rick on Maggie, not dissimilar to what you’re talking about, as the season progresses. She’s very much capable. That’s what’s interesting about the shaky ground we left on Season 3 and the challenge that Maggie went through. She comes out renewed and laser focused now in Season 4. She’s not shakable anymore, it seems. She’s always been strong, good with guns, and now she’s gotten used to the zombies.

On the other hand, Glenn is a little shaky toward the end. With all of the new people living in the prison, does Glenn take more of a leadership role?

Steven Yeun: I think when Rick declares a true democracy at the end of Season 3, saying it’s your choice to stay or go, everyone’s voice is heard. In the upcoming season, there’s a more civilized playing field that they’re in. I don’t think it’s necessarily who’s the straight out leader, but how do does everyone help the whole and continue to survive and provide.

Maggie and Glenn went through a traumatic experience in Woodbury. Is The Governor and that experience still on their minds?

Lauren Cohan: Always… always. Some characters are more focused on him than others.

Steven Yeun: Something like that was so huge and it has to be damaging. It’s not in the forefront , per say. I’m just speaking in real life terms. You can’t forget something like that. You can forgive, but I don’t know if you can put that away.

Lauren Cohan: But, it doesn’t put a wedge between us. It drives us together.

Scott Wilson: There are other issues from the last season that we’re looking at as well. What happens with Carl? Where’s he going as he grows older? What’s he turning into? I think those are interesting questions. I’m curious to see how he evolves based on where he was last season. There are a lot of dangling problems.

Is a wedding in the cards for Glenn and Maggie?

Steven Yeun: That’s exactly the kind of thing we can’t talk about [laughs]. The characters strive for normalcy in all regards, but I don’t know if you’re going to get to see that.

Lauren Cohan: What’s interesting about their relationship is how they move forward and embrace life. Glenn’s position is “I found you, I love you, I’m gonna protect you.” There’s a certain tension to that. Maggie is like “We’ve made it this far… I want to live because we only have so much.”

Hershel appears to be walking around just fine on two legs this season. What can you tell us about that?

Scott Wilson: He was walking around without his crutches in the Season 4 trailer, so that tells you something… He’s learned how to levitate… [laughs]

It’s an improvement over using the crutches. Last season, when Hershel lost his leg, there was an incredible amount of positive energy… it was a great experience and this is a wonderful cast.


We’ll be posting more interviews and news on The Walking Dead Season 4 over the next few days, so check back soon. Until then, here’s our TV and comic book series highlights:

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