We're getting close to the release of Telltale's first episode of The Walking Dead video game. Earlier in the week, we mentioned that we'll likely see the game at the end of April/early May, depending on the certification process. Today, we have confirmation on the platforms the game will be released to.

As expected, the game will be available for the following platforms: Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, Mac, iOS

IGN mentions an April release, but that's a target launch date at this point, so don't get too excited yet. Any issue in the certification process could change the release date, but we should have a specific date in the coming weeks.

Another interesting item to note is that it has been mentioned that the first release of The Walking Dead video game is part of five planned episodes. While we expect Telltale to continue with additional episodes in the future, we know the original story will be wrapped up in five releases.

Keep an eye out for the first gameplay footage from The Walking Dead video game next week. For more information on the game, visit our recent coverage:

Source: IGN