Greg Nictotero gives a zombie studio tour in the latest behind-the-scenes video release from AMC. While we get a look at some of the fan favorite hero walkers from Season 2, Greg Nicotero also shows off a number of walkers that will be seen in The Walking Dead Season 3.

More time has passed since the original outbreak, so many of the zombies from Season 3 will be at advanced stages of decay: "What we did this year was we wanted there to be a sense that if a walker has been killed and has been laying in the sun for five months, six months, seven months, that it's sort of rotted and decayed..."

The new season will also show off a number of animatronic walkers: "We wanted to build a couple of walker puppets this year, so we'll have a little bit of head movement. The face will all be radio controlled, the mouth will be articulated, the eyes will blink... We just really like the idea of conveying that these things continue to decompose and rot..."

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Weekend is currently talking place on AMC and we'll get our first look at footage from the new season tomorrow. Keep an eye on Daily Dead all next week, as well be reporting on The Walking Dead Season 3 from the San Diego Comic-Con. To catch up on our recent coverage, read the following articles: