The Walking Dead maze opens tonight at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and Hollywood. If you want a better idea of what to expect, we have a video with Greg Nicotero giving a tour of the attraction.

For those who don't want to be surprised, here's a good idea of what you can expect via MTV"The Orlando "Walking Dead: Dead Inside" maze wasn't in full working order when we got our walkthrough, but it's clear that the theme park's team put their best efforts into re-creating some of the show's most iconic moments. Guests will enter the maze through the hospital Rick wakes up in in "The Walking Dead" pilot and walk through the department store out onto the rooftop where Rick left Merle. (He's not there in the maze; a slight nod to Michael Rooker's reappearance in "The Walking Dead" season three.)

From there, guests will walk through the Sheriff's Office and past Rick's bag of weapons to the RV, and then finally exit through Hershell's barn which, as we last see it in the TV show, is on fire. When asked if there would be a nod to Sophia in the barn, Braillard replied with a smile, "No comment." The maze will be populated with more than 20 actors acting as walkers at any given point in time."

We'll be attending the opening of the attraction in Hollywood this evening and plan to have photos for readers this weekend. To learn more about the other mazes, check out the recent announcements we covered below. For more information or tickets, visit: