Jessie's son, Sam, was given a choice by Carol Peletier in "Forget", the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. He could either choose to be tied to a tree in the walker-ridden wilderness and get eaten alive by the living dead, or he could opt to eat endless batches of Carol's cookies. Unsurprisingly, he chose the latter, deciding to keep quiet about seeing a new addition to Alexandria stealing a bagful of guns. Carol's threat was disturbing, cunning, and likely made many viewers hungry for those cookies. Well, if you found your mouth watering for some fresh-baked apocalyptic treats (dubbed "Look at the Flour" on a Talking Dead poll), you can now bake them in time for next week's episode, as AMC has released the recipe for Carol's delectable dessert.

Staying true to Carol's craftiness and the limitations of Alexandria's kitchen, the cookie recipe substitutes applesauce for eggs and includes just one-quarter of a bar of chocolate. We'd like to thank our friends at AMC (via TheWalkingDead.com) for the recipe.

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