After shining a loving light on the amazing practical effects, iconic slashers, and powerful performances from ’80s horror films in three impressively extensive documentaries (in case you missed it, read Caitlin Kennedy's previous interview with director David Weiner), the CREATORVC team is now turning their attention to the ’90s to celebrate the first half of a more forgotten decade of horror with In Search of Darkness: 1990–1994. Written and directed by David Weiner and executive produced by Robin Block, In Search of Darkness: 1990–1994 is now available to pre-order through Halloween, and we have a look at the documentary's official trailer!

Press Release: Los Angeles, CA - October 6, 2023: CREATORVC, the creators of the critically acclaimed In Search of Darkness '80s horror documentary trilogy, are entering a brand-new decade with their upcoming film In Search of Darkness: 1990 -1994, available for pre-order from October 6 through midnight Halloween (October 31, 2023) at

Explore the ‘90s with Legendary Icons & Experts: After 14+ hours and the greatest lineup of ’80s Horror talent ever assembled, the In Search of Darkness ‘80s Trilogy is complete. But as we all know, horror never dies… The early ‘90s represented an exciting, challenging, and evolutionary period for horror filmmaking, yet remains curiously unappreciated by many. Some call it a “lost decade” of horror. We disagree.

Featuring exclusive interviews with horror film icons and experts, In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 will dive into this amazing era to share personal and candid observations, experiences, and analysis to help deconstruct, re-contextualize, and reframe this fascinating period of time in filmmaking history -- all with the same reverence and energetic celebratory lens as the In Search of Darkness ‘80s trilogy, which was nominated for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award and two Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.

Included with In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994:

  • In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 Blu-ray w/slipcase & booklet
  • Digital copy of In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994
  • Digital soundtrack for In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994
  • 2 exclusive In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 posters (16.5” x 23.4”)
  • Collectible In Search of Darkness patch
  • 12-month engagement program/Live Q&As w/Horror Icons
  • Exclusive Video Club Membership Card
  • Your Name in In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994 credits!

Optional Upgrades:

  • In Search of Darkness '80s Trilogy 3-disc Blu-ray with new packaging/booklet
  • Associate Producer, Producer, and Executive Producer credits available
  • New Darkness Unlimited platform with 20+ hours of unseen horror content

In Search of Darkness: 1990 -1994 production/release information and 12-month fan engagement info at Available for pre-order from October 6 'til midnight October 31.

From Writer/Director David Weiner: “The early ‘90s was a time of transition and evolution for horror films and television, with a freight train of content, creativity and imagination on display. With In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994, we'll finally have an opportunity to show the uninitiated why this time period was so important for the growth of the horror genre. I'm excited to craft the definitive look at a deserving decade of creativity with your favorite '90s horror screen legends, all with the same celebratory lens as my In Search of Darkness ‘80s trilogy."

From Executive Producer Robin Block: “Horror fans, we hear you. At CREATORVC, we're not just making a documentary, we're crafting a love letter to '90s horror. Your passion fuels our mission to create the most definitive horror documentary ever. We're in this together, shaping the narrative of In Search of Darkness: 1990-1994. Let's dive deep into this transformative era and bring our shared horror fandom to life like never before.”

About CREATORVC: An independent producer of community-powered entertainment: longform factual content that is funded, inspired, and shaped by a dedicated community of fans. CREATORVC documentary projects include the critically acclaimed In Search of Darkness ‘80s Trilogy; In Search of Tomorrow; In Search of the Last Action Heroes; FPS: First Person Shooter; and the upcoming Aliens Expanded. For more information go to

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