The good news here is that the police were ready for a possible zombie outbreak during the Royal Wedding. The bad news is that they apparently didn't know the difference between peaceful individuals dressed up as zombies and actual mindless, flesh eating zombies.

One of our readers contacted us last week and told us that they had been arrested during the Royal Wedding festivities for being dressed up as a zombie. Now they are launching an" Undead Uprising" event for zombie rights. Continue reading to find out what led up to this and how to attend...

On the day of the Royal Wedding, there was a planned "Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration", which was also referred to as a "Zombie Flash Mob". Amy and some friends dressed up as zombies and were going to attend "partly out of simple zombie love, and partly out of political support".

Obviously, a number of people walking together dressed as zombies during the Royal Wedding was bound to get some journalism attention and the police were already arresting individuals who had been causing problems during the day. While the original event may have been planned as a bigger event that the police could have been worried about, the organizers were arrested earlier, so there were a grand total of 5 zombies who were together for this "flash mob" and they decided to go together to Starbucks for coffee. The police must have been fearful of zombie infection, because they swarmed the Starbucks and arrested the 5 zombies....

Here is how another one of the zombies, Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, described the incident:

"At around 11:45 about three or four cops came into the Starbucks and asked us to come outside. We picked up our stuff and followed them out. They lined us up outside the window of Starbucks and informed us we were being stopped and searched. We asked under what grounds – they said Section 60. This meant nothing to us so we asked what it was – they said they had reason to suspect we were going to disturb the peace."

Amy also recalls the events:

"We were fairly inoffensive members of the undead, who ate some homemade ‘brainnnsss’ cake earlier in the day, and travelled on to Starbucks where we sat down with some tea. At this point, four police vans (with sirens!) came round the corner and did a raid on Starbucks. We were stopped and searched under a special Section 60 for the wedding day – by sixteen police men, although there were only five zombies – and finally arrested and transported to the police station."

All five that were dressed as zombies were arrested and detained at the police station for 4 hours, but were released without charges filed against them.  Now some of them have planned a zombie event in Soho Square on May 28th to protest the arrest, called UNDEAD UPRISING: Lurch for Zombie Rights!

So for those living in England, keep in mind that the police could confuse your zombie costume for an actual zombie or an anarchist and arrest you. For more information on the UNDEAD UPRISING event, visit their official Facebook page.

[Thanks to our reader Amy from PASSENGERFILMS for the story and providing additional information.]