Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead brought some of the survivors closer to being together and others further apart. If you’d like to learn more about the making of Episode 413, we have a set of new behind-the-scenes photos and a couple of videos from AMC as well.

“Following the devastating events of the mid-season finale, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the group are still reeling from the loss of their home, family and friends. With the destruction of the prison, the group of survivors is broken apart and sent on divergent paths, unsure of everyone else’s fate. What was a challenging life behind fences and walls grows that much more perilous and precious as they are exposed to new dangers, new enemies and heartbreaking choices. They will have their faith thoroughly tested — a faith that breaks some of them and redeems others.”

Check back later today, as we’ll have photos and videos from Episode 414. Missed out on our recent coverage? Here’s a list of our highlights:

The Walking Dead Episode 413 – Alone: ”As one group finds what may be an ideal shelter, another group comes to realize that the best protection comes from those around them.”

  • Written by: Curtis Gwinn
  • Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

*Note: These videos come directly from AMC and are likely region locked to North America.