lizzie-boxDuring this season of The Walking Dead, we’ve been highlighting many of the show’s young actors and actresses, and our exclusive Q&A series continues with Brighton Sharbino, who plays Lizzie Samuels. Continue reading to learn what she had to say about joining The Walking Dead, working with Melissa McBride, playing a character with a dark side, and her time on True Detective:

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, Brighton. Can you tell us how you became involved with The Walking Dead? Was there an audition? Can you tell us about your experience?

Brighton Sharbino: Thank you for interviewing me. My Louisiana agent, Dawn Landrum, sent me a tape request when the role first came out.  So my first audition for The Walking Dead was an emailed tape and after they watched it, I was invited to Atlanta to meet the producers. I was so excited!  There were many girls and boys there that day and the roles we were reading for were not from the real script.  They were all so nice - right from the start with Karen at their security gate, I just felt so welcome and knew these were good people.

What was your familiarity with The Walking Dead before you were cast? Were you a big fan? What were your first thoughts of coming to set?

Brighton Sharbino: I hadn’t seen the show before, but a friend showed me all of this fake scientific zombie stuff that made me get all psyched up about it!  I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the zombies, but once you see all of the “walkers” eating yogurt and potato chips, you know they’re normal people under all that makeup.  It’s really funny when they forget they’re all dressed up!  Like one time I wanted to get a picture with these cool walkers and they all posed with their hands on their hips - it’s one of my favorite pictures ever.

You share a number of scenes with Melissa McBride. What did you enjoy most about working with her?

Brighton Sharbino: Melissa is brilliant and so talented and it’s been such a joy to work with her.   If we had an intense scene, Melissa would talk about what our characters are feeling and help me get in the moment.  She always helps me with other stuff too, like cutting my steak.  She just kind of helps me out with whatever I need, she’s just cool like that!

You're surrounded by many experienced and talented actors on The Walking Dead. Has this experience helped you become a better actress? What have you learned from them?

Brighton Sharbino: I’ve definitely learned a lot from everyone.  They’re all so nice, supportive and amazingly talented and working with them has definitely helped me to become a better actress. They all care about the show and each other.  I just love everyone!  It’s like a big family and it’s fun to be a part of it!

In the first half of Season 4, you play quite a polarizing character. Was it fun for you to play a character that has a bit of a dark side? 

Brighton Sharbino: Oh yeah!   I’m blessed to get to play the role of Lizzie, she’s so complex.  It’s fun to play a character that is very different from your natural self - it has helped me grow as an actor.   Scott Gimple & Greg Nicotero talked with me about where Lizzie has come from and how she developed due to living in the apocalypse verses how someone today would have developed given the same circumstances.  It’s fun bringing a character to life.

Can you share with us one of your favorite on-set experiences? Is there a funny story or favorite moment that comes to mind?

Brighton Sharbino: When I first met the actor that was playing the walker named Henry that I was calling towards me in  Episode 5, Internment.  I was like “Hi, I’m Brighton” and he said “Hi, I’m going to try to eat you” and I was like “That’s cool”.  It was really funny.

Also Chad Coleman that plays Tyreese is really fun, he would take selfies with me and he’s always joking- he just cracks me up.  Another favorite moment was when Norman gave us some toys and t-shirts from his trailer.  He’s really cool, it’s just fun hanging with him.

Your character pulling out a gun and taking action during the mid-season finale shocked many viewers. Was it something that shocked you when you found out? Can you tell us a bit about your experience filming that episode?

Brighton Sharbino: Oh that was so much fun I was really excited about that scene. The fake gun was actually hard to click back so I was using 3 fingers just to pull the trigger. I was really excited though!  When I first read that in the script, I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep that night!!”

Many of The Walking Dead's current and former cast members appear at conventions to interact with fans. Is that something you'll be doing a lot of in 2014?

Brighton Sharbino: They just got my contract for Walker Stalker in Chicago worked out last week!  I’m super excited about getting to meet some fans in person!

For our readers interested in keeping up with you online, what's the best way to follow you?

Brighton Sharbino: My instagram is BrightonSharbino.  My Facebook is:

And my Twitter is @BriSharbino

How was working on True Detective after being on The Walking Dead? 

Brighton Sharbino: True Detective was a lot of fun! When I was first going on set, my mom wanted me to know how funny Woody Harrelson was, so she had shown me a video of him being interviewed by David Letterman recently.  Because our scene is a flashback, they had extra hair on his head and I actually didn’t recognize him at first.  When we rehearsed, I thought it was his stand-in, but then they were about to shoot, so I was like “Oh wait, are you Woody?”  When he said "yes", I was eager to tell him how much my grandma loved him on Cheers, so I said “Oh my grandma is a huge fan of yours!” and everyone started laughing and I didn’t understand why that was so funny but he said “I always knew it would come to this one day!” and he turned my comment into a hilarious joke.  He’s just so funny like that with everything.


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  • Code Hacker

    I like to see the show where they dont spend an entire season in the
    same place. I love the walking dead, but it was almost annoying as hell.
    I mean in zombie movies most of the time did the same damn thing, but
    then you realize hey they only have at best 90 minutes to work with, and
    ones that do other places, “like world war z” do in a way that takes it
    away from seeming to fast pace.

    I’m only saying in some parts in the walking dead, I would be like
    hey this episode going to show other people, other than stick to the
    same stuff. I mean yeah I got it, want to have a deep story, and plot,
    that was fine for frst 2 or so seasons. Like with this current season,
    who here isn’t glad just like the farm house, etc being like its about
    damn time. I mean its just nice least in this season there not sticking
    to one area.

    The way its suppose to work is, they dont stick to one area all the
    time. If you aks me and a lot of people will agree, shows like this one
    in a since, just like with remakes, reboots, they stick to much to the
    comics, etc. Which is what the lviing dead based off of, not my opinion
    thats fact. In a sense thats not bad but not always good, makes it seem
    more similar, which is fine if you like that. If you watch enough tv,
    movies, you know that if not youll be like what the hell this guy
    talking about.

    Point is, even though this is the first zombie based tv series. I at
    least would want a spinoff, that isn’t sticking to one group all the
    time, or the same location, and be what I like to call to much time
    telling a story and more time about zombies. I mean look to me I love
    the walking dead, but sometimes I think it feels more like your reading a
    bedtime story to kids then being about zombies, which it should be more
    about then the people in it. Dont get me wrong I like the majority of
    the characters, but after awhile they get downright annoying after
    awhile. Be nice to see it more fast pace, and make them seem more
    fearful, rather than like in the walking dead be so used to it where its
    like status quote to them. Be like hey zombies aw whatever, once in
    awhile you them actually fearful, but afterwards be like it was nothing.
    People suppose to be afraid, thats the point in doing zombies, the
    fear, if people dont fear them, then whats the point? I know Im not the
    only one that feels this way.

    I mean it just be nice to see a/the spinoff not be a carbon copy of
    the orginal. Just saying, more to zombies then drama and telling deep
    stories about the characters in question, watch any zombie movie, etc
    and youll get an idea what I mean. You wouldn’t make a time travel
    movie/show that only had you going to the same year over and over would
    you? Or only to another year once a season. No you wouldn’t. But hey
    just sharing some views, you dont have to like me, but one has to admit
    the show itself or its spinoff could use other directions than just the

    Though I wont lie its stupid and annoying they dont show what happens
    in the winter time, hey zombies are all year, they dont stop moving
    around because of it being winter, not even in gerogia, of course not
    many people know in reality most of the filming of this show in done in
    FLORIDA. Not my opinion, just something you can read about and know
    doing your own research. None the less still like to see stories that
    spand through put the year not the pick and choose like only spring and
    summer time parts. Just saying as a fan of the show!