We have many Walking Dead-obsessed readers, so maybe you already know the number of crossbow kills from seasons 1 and 2 or the total number of walker deaths. For everyone else, here's a cool infographic that breaks down weapons and kills from the first two seasons.

We'll need someone to do an actual count for us, but its very possible that first two episodes of season 3 have already surpassed the walker kill count. If the new season continues down the same path for all 16 episodes, we can expect it to easily pass the season 1 and 2 stats combined.

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Source: Virgin Media
  • Bill Menezes

    Cool chart, but it was Daryl who actually killed Dale after the walker mortally wounded Dale. “Sorry, brother…”

  • dailydead

    I feel that it was written that way due to text space available, rather than them forgetting. Technically, the walker was responsible for Dale’s death. However, now I’m curious about whether or not they attributed that kill to Daryl or the walker. See what you started… :)