Will Rick's plans change after Negan's visit to the Alexandria safe-zone? With Robert Kirkman's big announcement last week, we know that events in the next few issues lead to All Out War. We gave you a look at some preview pages recently and now we have the official cover art for The Walking Dead #112.

This issue is already available to readers in the UK to make up for the shipping issue that resulted in a late release for issue #111. Everyone in the US will be able to check out this issue on Wednesday, but we should have some additional preview pages and impressions tomorrow.

More details on All Out War and the future of The Walking Dead comic book series will be available at Comic-Con next week and we’ll be covering the event live to bring you all of the latest news. Catch up on our coverage of the comic book series by visiting the following links:

“Carl and Andrea are faced with the unthinkable.”