Robert Kirkman was one of the guests at this year's Emerald City Comicon, and talked about his upcoming work on The Walking Dead comic book and TV series.

The comic series is almost finished with the current story arc, "A Larger World", and will be moving onto "Something to Fear". It was announced that the issues will ship every 3 weeks up to #100 and Kirkman gave a little hint of what's in store for Rick and the group:

"They eventually find out that there's a lot of blood in these communities. So, in true 'Walking Dead' fashion, not everything is exactly what it seems and there ends up being a pretty dark turn by the end of the story...'A Larger World' leads right into the 'Something to Fear' storyline, that will actually take us through issue 100. In discovering these new communities, he discovers a community that is a very dangerous threat to everyone else."

With the 3rd season of The Walking Dead introducing The Governor, fans may be a little concerned about the need to tone down what was shown in the comics. Robert Kirkman took some time to talk about the difference between writing the show versus the comic, and what we can expect:

"They may not be able to portray certain things the same way I did, but that doesn't mean they're not going to happen.. The Governor that's in the TV show is going to be the same Governor that's in the comic book,.. 

...When I write for a comic, I'm just like 'Aw, it'd be cool if this guy bust through the wall and punched this guy!' 'Okay, that's awesome, let's go!' It's a quick process, and it's a lot of fun. Then when you're writing for television, it's like, 'Would it be cool if the guy bust through the wall? Would he punch him, or would he kick him? What kind of wall would he come through? How fast would he come through the wall?' And you end up kind of crafting a better story. Sometimes."

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