The Walking Dead Social Game was originally announced with an April release date. The official Facebook page now says that we'll see it sometime this spring, but there are still plenty of readers that have been asking for more information. Thankfully, a recent interview with the developers provides a status update:

"Q: When will The Walking Dead Social Game be released?

MM: I know there's a lot of interest in the answer to this one. To be frank, we got excited about the project during development and started adding more features, which extended the development timeline.

While we don't have an exact date yet, I can tell you that the game is about to enter a closed testing phase in limited areas in the next couple weeks. The global public launch will be sometime later. We'll know better exactly when a worldwide launch will happen once we've gotten some results from this more intensive testing period. When we have information to share we'll keep the Facebook group and The Walking Dead blog up-to-date.

SG: If you compare this to any other game on Facebook, the sheer scale of the environments and the number of environments we're launching with is more than what most games have after they've been out for a year.

MM: That's right. And we'll continue to add features, content, and characters while the game is live and people are playing.

Q: Is the game free to play?

MM: Yes, it's free to play. But similar to many Facebook games out there, you can buy premium items like energy and weapons using Facebook Credits.

Q: Will we meet some iconic walkers in a pre-zombified state?

SG: Yes. We're excited about one you encounter in the very first chapter of the game.

Q: What kind of weapons will players get to use?

JJ: You'll have the chance to get some of the weapons that characters from the show use. I think fans will be really excited about that. We have Shane's semi-automatic and Rick's Python and Glenn's machete in there. And of course you have your quintessential knife to go ahead and stab right into the walker's brains.

BM: You may have a really nice shotgun, but you can also use it to smack down a zombie.

SG: One of our favorites is the one that Andrea uses in the Season 2 Premiere -- the screwdriver.

Q: How did you approach the gore in the show for a Facebook audience?

SG: We're going to have zombie feasts, so when you die you're going to get eviscerated. As a player, if you do well, you'll get the decapitations and so forth. But I don't think it is gratuitous. We think it serves a purpose to making it feel more like the show.

Q: What aspect of the game are you most excited for fans to see?

BM: I would say it's the fact that you're able to work with the characters that are in the show. In Chapter 1 you work a lot with Shane, you work a lot with T-Dog. You have some of your own crew, but you're also getting to interact with all these characters you already know while touching on things you've seen in the series."


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