A trip to the dentist turns into a surreal stroll through a dreamworld in the new clip for Karen Skloss' The Honor Farm, making its premiere later this month at the SXSW Film Festival.

Check out the new clip below, and stay tuned to Daily Dead for our live, on-site coverage of the SXSW Film Festival.

"Acclaimed filmmaker Karen Skloss (SXSW premiere Sunshine) world premieres her new psychedelic teen horror film THE HONOR FARM at this year's SXSW.

When Lucy's prom night falls apart, she finds herself jumping into a hearse headed for a psychedelic party in the woods. Looking for a thrill, the party wanders deeper into the forest, to a haunted and abandonded prison work farm. A secret wish and a summoning of the dead sends the group on a mind-bending trip into a dangerous trap.

THE HONOR FARM takes the most beloved youth genres - rebellious coming of age, 80's teen comedies, horror - and blends them all together in surreal and entertaining ways to tell a story of one young woman's passage to adulthood. Picking up where Pretty in Pink left off, while taking notes from Heathers and River's Edge, THE HONOR FARM is a movie about taking the familiar from a canted angle and making it new and fresh to behold.

Featuring a standout central performance from Olivia Applegate (NBC's Revolution, upcoming in Terrence Malick's Weightless), and made by a shining Austin-based filmmaking team - including director Skloss, producer David Hartstein, co-producer Jason Wehling, and executive producer Louis Black."

Festival Screenings:
Saturday, March 11, 11:55pm, Stateside Theatre (World Premiere)
Monday, March 13, 11:45pm, Alamo Lamar D
Tuesday, March 14, 9:45pm, Alamo Lamar B
Thursday, March 16,12:15pm, Alamo Lamar B

Festival Info:http://schedule.sxsw.com/2017/search?q=honor+farm"

NSFW clip:

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