Last month's issue of The Walking Dead was one of the best that I've read in a while. While the events that took place were part of the bigger picture, it felt like a solid self-contained story that didn't keep you waiting for the next issue. We know that this month's issue leads to All Out War. How does Rick and his group survive Negan this time around? You just have to ask yourself: "What would Jesus do?"

Usually, Image Comics provides us with six preview pages, but only four have been released so far. I wanted to give our readers a preview before the issue came out, but we may be back tomorrow with an additional couple of pages. The massive 12-part "All Out War" story arc is coming up next month and you can learn more by checking out our coverage highlights:

The Walking Dead #114 (via

  • Release Date: SEPTEMBER 11
  • 32 PAGES / BW / M
  • $2.99

“What would Jesus do?”