The Walking Dead Season 3 is expected to start filming this month, so we'll have plenty of new details between now and October. We already know about 2 new characters that will appear in the third season, but a recent report reveals information on a new character named Harold:

Via E! Online: "Our merry band of survivors will meet up with a guy who's the exact opposite of Shane (RIP). Like Dale (RIP), Harold is 'a studious and fastidious man' trying to carve out a postapocalyptic niche for himself. Sounds like he could be a model 'prisoner'!"

As we've heard and seen previously, The Walking Dead TV series will be similar, yet different to the comic book series. There is a comic character named Harold in Woodbury, but it doesn't sound like the same person. Obviously, the prison will be a big part of the story and it looks like we'll be introduced to additional inmates.

We'll keep an eye out for more details, but until then, you can catch up on our recent season 3 coverage with the following articles:

Source: E! Online