Glen Mazzara has been busy answering fan and press questions over the last couple of weeks. We recently took part in a press conference call with him and fans have been able to submit questions over Twitter and the official AMC website for The Walking Dead. Earlier in the week, we posted some of the more interesting answers from his Twitter Q&A session. Now, were back with select answers posted on The Walking Dead website:

Can a zombie actually starve to... death?

A: No, a walker would not starve to death, but the corpse would continue to rot so over months it would probably rot and fall apart. But let's keep in mind that from the time of the Pilot to the end of Season 2, we think it's only been about four months. So, as we continue from season to season and those months turn into years, we do think that the older walkers would continue to deteriorate. But now we learn that anybody who dies becomes a walker so there would always be new walkers -- fresh walkers.

When we are introduced to Michonne, she appears to have two walkers in her company who are shackled. Has Michonne found a way to torture the walkers into submission?

A: She hasn't tortured those walkers into submission, but let's say this: Michonne is the one person in The Walking Dead universe who has figured out how [to] live on her own. She is a walker's worst nightmare.

What do you think would be different about Daryl if Merle hadn't gotten separated from the group in Season 1?

A: Daryl would be in the background, overshadowed by his brother and not having a friendship with Carol, not being able to find a role, not being able to be the hero that he's become. I do think his brother has a strong influence on him, and he would not be the heart of the group.

Why is everyone mad about Rick killing Shane? Lori seems really pissed about the situation. Does she love Shane?

A: The group is upset with Rick in general for keeping Jenner's secret and killing one of their own. Murder in a small-knit group is not to be taken lightly, so of course they would be upset. And Lori loves Rick, and she has recently realized that she does indeed love Shane. She almost said so in "Better Angels." She decides to take action by talking to Rick, so when Lori is horrified by Rick's confession, yes, she is upset a man she loved was killed but more importantly, that man was killed by another man she loves and she was a catalyst... She is horrified by her own culpability and is projecting that self-hatred onto Rick.

Does your vision for Season 3 more resemble the "trapped in a box" feel of Season 2 or the open movement of Season 1?

A; Moving ahead to Season 3 we're excited to be getting to the meat of Robert Kirkman's comic book. The world opens up, it's no longer claustrophobic, it's out on the road. I think what we've done until now has been very exciting and fun, but I feel it's been prolonged and I feel like just now we're getting to the heart of the matter.

I wanna know who out of the group is your favorite character and why? --WalkingDeadFan247

A: That's a tough one. It's like asking me which was my favorite child. I like writing them all because they're all so different. I mean I know a lot of people don't like Lori, but I enjoy writing her, I write a lot for her. She can do stuff that Daryl can't do, and Daryl can do stuff that Rick can't do, so they're all great to write for.


A: I'd just like to say on behalf of all the cast, crew, producers and writers at The Walking Dead -- just thank you. You know they have been incredible and so supportive and patient and really caring about what we do and it really does make this the best job in the world. To be able to tell a story that we're excited about and then to get this level of feedback from such passionate fans is really exciting. It's something that we really do appreciate and it is really meaningful to us, and I'd really like to thank the fans.


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