After years of providing viewers with high-definition upgrades of beloved fright films, Scream Factory has teamed up with Chiller for an original horror movie called Fender Bender, which began production today with a newly announced main cast:

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2015/11/04 18:48:32 UTC by Derek Anderson


One of cinema's smartest zombies, Bub is locked and loaded in a new batch of Fright Rags shirts honoring George A. Romero's Day of the Dead.

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2015/11/04 17:36:36 UTC by Derek Anderson


A clip from Micheal Bafaro's Wrecker reminds us that road rage can be deadly. Also in this round-up: a new trailer for the film Applesauce and a call for entries to the Silver Scream Fest, featuring the 35th anniversary screening of An American Werewolf in London.

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2015/11/04 15:51:46 UTC by Tamika Jones


The Final Girls was recently released to theaters and VOD, and is available today on Blu-ray and DVD. For those that are interested in what went on behind-the-scenes, I recently caught up with director Todd Strauss-Schulson to talk about the movie's evolution before he got behind the camera, improv comedy on set, building the camp for the movie, and much more:

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2015/11/04 00:33:16 UTC by Jonathan James


After journeying into the past to learn more about Morgan's backstory, AMC's The Walking Dead will take us back to "Now" in the next episode. We have additional photos from the upcoming episode featuring familiar faces shaken by what recently happened in Alexandria.

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2015/11/03 22:22:21 UTC by Derek Anderson


From Kyle Reese to Cpl. Dwayne Hicks and beyond, Michael Biehn is well-known within the horror and sci-fi genres for playing memorable characters throughout his career. At the recent Crypticon Minneapolis, I had the great pleasure of speaking with Biehn about potentially reprising his role as Hicks in a new Alien film, the intense shoot of The Divide, and more.

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2015/11/03 19:49:23 UTC by Derek Anderson


Uncanny star Lucy Griffiths was kind enough to answer some questions for us, and the Q&A we conducted with her kicks off the round-up. Also: domestic acquisition news for Emelie, details for One Eyed Girl on Blu-ray / DVD, and Vault of the Macabre II video.

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2015/11/03 16:56:32 UTC by Tamika Jones


On Halloween night, horror fans gathered in the glow of their TV screens to hail to the king in the first episode of the Ash vs Evil Dead series. If you missed out on the blood-splattered action or want to experience it again, you'll be happy to hear that Starz has made the first episode available to watch for free online. 

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2015/11/03 15:24:14 UTC by Derek Anderson


Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great horror and sci-fi movies arriving this Tuesday on Blu-ray and DVD. Scream Factory is keeping themselves busy with the release of both Bloodsucking Bastards and Stung (the latter in conjunction with IFC Midnight), and for those of you creature feature fans out there, Lavalantula comes home on November 3rd.

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2015/11/03 03:00:00 UTC by Heather Wixson


The small town of King Falls is a harbinger of the strange, the bizarre, and the eerie, so it's no surprise that with their latest broadcast, King Falls AM co-hosts Sammy and Ben add "crop circles" to their list of current event topics.

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2015/11/02 20:22:47 UTC by Derek Anderson


EpiPens will do no good against the massive stingers aimed at garden party guests in Stung, hitting Blu-ray tomorrow from Scream Factory. Ahead of the creature feature's home media release, we've been provided with three Blu-ray copies to give away to Daily Dead readers.

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2015/11/02 19:16:39 UTC


A memorably imposing enemy (and ally) from the Spider-Man comics, Venom is leaving the skyscrapers of the city behind for the stars in Venom: Space Knight. Recently, Marvel gave us a look at preview pages from Robbie Thompson and Ariel Olivetti's new ongoing series ahead of its November 25th debut.

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2015/11/02 17:53:03 UTC by Derek Anderson


Creatures of the night co-workers and party-crashing mutant wasps invade home media next week with Scream Factory's respective Blu-ray releases of Bloodsucking Bastards and Stung, and we have clips and trailers from both high-definition horror films.

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2015/11/02 17:14:34 UTC by Derek Anderson


After immersing viewers in the backstory of Morgan in last night's 90-minute installment of The Walking Dead, AMC will bring fans back to the present in next week's episode, "Now", which is teased in new photos and preview videos.

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2015/11/02 16:18:48 UTC by Derek Anderson


Mulder and Scully are together once again, but this time as Minimates in their very own The X-Files line based off of the popular series. Also in this round-up: a look at the short film called Ghost Tour and Indiegogo details for The History of Metal and Horror documentary.

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2015/11/02 14:50:14 UTC by Tamika Jones